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10 Day Sales Mastery Journaling Series

Special one-time offer, only $17!
Upping your sales game requires upping your money mindset. This 10 Day Sales Mastery Journaling Series will uncover and transform the hidden money beliefs that are slowing down your sales. Get daily journal prompts and affirmations straight to your inbox, and become the confident salesperson who makes what they deserve!

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If you're a service provider who KNOWS you'd make more sales if you followed up at just the right time, with just the right words, but you struggle with knowing what to say without feeling like a pushy used-car salesman, then you need the Follow Up Formula - the swipe-able email templates and ALL NEW stress-free method to closing sales with ease!

  • 20+ templates you can copy/paste for every imaginable follow-up scenario so you never again stare at a blinking cursor, overthinking what to say!

  • The 1-3-5 Method of Efficient Follow Up that honors YOUR TIME and gets you results (ahem, sales!) without turning you into a nag

  • Build relationships, trust, and confidence with your leads so that they're happy to work with (and pay!) you

  • Follow up with acquaintances, referral partners, and past clients to build a referral engine that brings you leads on autopilot

  • Book out your business with people you LOVE working with
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  • 1xThe Follow Up Formula$27

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